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Businesswoman Expresses Unconditional Love for her Employees amid Pandemic Challenges

They say successful businesses take time, but what's more important in growing business is the effort, dedication, and perseverance one puts into it. When the world was knocked over by a global crisis, the resilience of every Filipino prevailed, proving that in the toughest of times, they fight back and help each other out.

Business has always been in Ilynn's nature, even when she was just a little girl. Her family owned a mini sari-sari store and she was the usual storekeeper. When super typhoon Sisang almost wiped out her town in Bicol in 1987, she had witnessed how her family, especially her mother, endured and fought back against the havoc.

"All our merchandise was washed away by the flood. I watched my mother pick up all the goods, one by one. It was unfortunate, but I learned from what I witnessed that whatever challenge comes in your way, you must keep fighting," Ilynn Aldana recalled. Eventually, she became her family's breadwinner. She supported her siblings by selling beauty products and when she married her husband Edsel, a businessman, her interests in business grew resulting in more enterprise.

Ilynn Aldana and his husband, Edsel

From a tiny stall in the market, the couple expanded their businesses to manpower agency, meatshop, gas trading, and medical supplies. Today, they have over a hundred workers which Ilynn and her husband treat as their own family.

"I firmly believe that if you love your staff, show them compassion, they will love your business back," the 40-year-old businesswoman said.

Following the lockdown, her family's businesses were closed down, but she and her husband strived to help their employees as much as they could. They packed relief goods inside their home in Suntrust Verona, a house and lot subdivision in Silang, Cavite. They also prepared cash assistance for their needs, well aware of the hardships they are facing. As part of their family, they feel the need to help them and they are genuinely happy in doing so.

Aldana family in their home in Suntrust Verona

Aldana Family's kindness also reaches beyond their businesses. Through the help of the Homeowners Association of Verona, they also contributed several times in distributing relief goods and other essentials to their neighboring communities.

"It really warms my heart, knowing that I am able to help people. I myself was raised with nothing so I know how it feels to lose sources of income," she shared.

Needless to say, Ilynn and her neighbors didn't forget to give aid to the community's frontliners who are constantly ready to assist them with their needs and guarantee them with protection.

Relief goods for the frontliners and construction workers

They offered relief goods to the frontliners and to the construction workers who were stranded since the lockdown. She and her family also applaud the dedication of their property management in keeping their community safe, implementing strict regulations from the subdivision's gate up to each of their homes.

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