Hotel Frontliner Becomes Full-time Mom amid Pandemic | Suntrust Properties Inc.

The pandemic has cost many people their lives and livelihoods. In the face of great adversity however, a brave few answered the call to continue the fight against the coronavirus. Ordinary men and women, without a single moment’s hesitation, cast aside fear and uncertainty and stood their ground in this great struggle. We are witnesses to their continued act of self sacrifice, in those who treat the sick, enforce laws, ensure order, and produce vital goods and services. We know them as heroes. We know them as frontliners.

Richeelyn Borromeo is one of these brave few. As a hotel front desk officer, her job requires her to be on the front line, serving clients even amidst a historic pandemic. For months, she continued reporting to work in order to cater to the needs of their clients who were still staying at the hotel.

“It’s really frightening, you meet a lot of people you don’t know and you wouldn’t know who carries the virus. I’m always worried because I don’t want to bring home the virus, especially that my kids are all very young,” the 27-year old expressed.

Richeelyn works as a hotel front desk officer

Richeelyn lives with her four kids in their condominium unit in Suntrust Asmara, Quezon City. Her eldest child is 9 years old. Her youngest, only 9 months. As a mother, she tries hard to be extra careful when going in and out of their home. At the end of every workday, she disinfects herself, her clothes, and her things, all before embracing her eagerly awaiting children. She even keeps her belongings in plastic containers to keep her kids from touching them.

As the family’s sole breadwinner, she casts aside her fear and dutifully reports to work with each new day in order to support her children, however risky it may be. But when her job was halted in the middle of May, she found other ways to support her four young kids.

She may have stopped reporting to work, but she has since made the most out of this long period by focusing on being a mother. She bonds with her children and spends quality time with them, something she never had the time for when she was busy at work.

“I became a full time breastfeed mom. I had quality time with my kids. I also had time to do chores, something that I entrusted to our helper before,” the mom of four proudly shared.

With her kids’ studies also being extremely important to her, she even stood as her children’s teacher during the quarantine.

Richeelyn with her kids

Richeelyn feels safe in her unit at Suntrust Asmara, knowing that the community’s staff and frontliners are genuinely dedicated to implement strict precautions to fight the spread of COVID19. From the regular sanitation of elevators, to the many disinfecting mats and thermal scanners readily available, she greatly admires and respects them for their courage and hard work.

“As a frontliner myself, I salute them all. What they are facing everyday is dangerous, yet they remain alert to our needs. Anyone can be struck by the virus anytime, but without sacrifice, this wouldn’t end,” she said, grateful to her community’s frontliners and for receiving assistance from them when she needed it most.

Special thanks to:
Marious Luis Alston BSM - Stardust